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Brothers & Sisters Behind Bars, Agency of the Month

Posted: February 22, 2024
Founded in 2017, Brothers & Sisters Behind Bars works to break the chain of addiction by building healthy relationships, advocacy, and providing unmet basic needs to people in our community battling substance use disorder and incarceration.
A faith-based organization, Brothers & Sisters Behind Bars believes that when we love our neighbors as ourselves, we build strength within our community. “We love to watch people connect with God and to watch them step out of the isolation that often accompanies substance use disorder, and instead build stability in supportive connectedness with the recovery community,” said Stacy Hendricks.
Upon release from incarceration, many of the people that Brothers & Sisters Behind Bars serves find themselves disconnected, homeless, unemployed, in major debt, and without safe transportation. “By providing rent-free transitional housing services, we’re able to provide people with a safe and sober environment to begin supporting their recovery journey,” said Hendricks. “We believe that the opposite of addiction isn’t sobriety, but connectedness, which is why we also provide cell phone support, case management support, passes to the local wellness center, as well as sober social event opportunities at our office location.”
One thing Brothers & Sisters Behind Bars wishes the community knew about Codington Connects is that is a centralized place for resources.
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