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Stacy Hendricks, Individual of the Month

Posted: March 12, 2024
Stacy Hendricks has served as the Executive Director of Brothers and Sisters Behind Bars (BSBB) for six years. Her humble service and personal pursuit of living for Jesus aligns with the organization’s mission. “I love that I get to represent Jesus by encouraging people in our community who are battling the cycle of substance use disorder and incarceration,” said Stacy.  “Unfortunately, too often they feel unseen, unheard, and unloved…BUT JESUS definitely sees them, hears them, and loves them and I love that I get to remind them of that. I also enjoy working alongside of Shannon Schafer and Malisa French in the BSBB office, as well as having interconnected office spaces with the amazing staff in the Codington County Community Services office.”
A faith-based organization, BSBB believes that when we love our neighbors as ourselves, we build strength within our community. BSBB is a partner of Codington Connects and is close to the action since it often provides meeting space for the various work groups. What Stacy provides for the group is encouragement.  “We have so many amazing social service agencies in our community who work everyday to make our community better,” said Stacy. “I enjoy being in meetings where I can encourage our agency leaders and support the work that they do, if I can make them laugh or smile, I feel like that’s a good thing for our whole community.”
A bright spot in anyone’s day, Stacy is open to learning from others. “The reality is that the “way my job” is done hasn’t changed that much…BUT I SURE HAVE, because the people that we serve have so graciously shared their stories with me and have taught me so much about the heartbreaking reality of the cycle of substance use disorder and incarceration. My job has always been pretty simple…to follow Jesus…and to listen to people, to walk beside them and cheer them on, and to help them move forward in their recovery. I’m so thankful to the BSBB Board of Directors for allowing me the opportunity to represent them in Watertown as their Executive Director.”
What’s next for Stacy to learn? She wants to explore her creative side.  “We serve some of the most creative and talented people I think I’ve ever met. They make me brave and have already taught me so many things! I still have yet to learn pencil art and beadwork, so I’m really looking forward to learning from them in those areas.”
Thank you, Stacy for your service to our community! Learn more about BSBB here (link).